About Us

Company History

PT. Gema Industrial was established in 2001. Engaged in the field of machine spare parts trading. In 2003-2004, a lot of colleagues PT. Dirgantara Indonesian is on lay off Due to the crisis in the PT. Dirgantara Indonesian. We are recruiting colleagues who are experts in their field. From there we had a maintenance engineer I maintenance of qualified and experience in repair and maintenance. This gives a lot of contribution to ensure that the machine I device from customer always be run continuously, so that it can efficiently and economically. 

2004 we started active in the field of maintenance and spare part Trading. PT. Gema Industrial is a purely local company from Cilegon – Banten, and active in design & engineering of mechanical manufacture & construction, repair & maintenance and 10 years experiences on Engineering Field, PLC’s system, Drive an Motor Control, HM/ operator Interface and Isolated power system for risk and critically area and also General Trading. 

In 2009 We also active in Mechanical and Electrical Work for buildings & factories. For example: grounding, lighting, lightning systems, transformer installation to panel systems, system electrical from low voltage 380V to high voltage 150kV. 

And we appointed as the authorized distributor of some electrical brand. Cilegon is one of industrial city in Indonesia, there are a lot of big companies, such as PT. Krakatau Steel group; Our company aims to provide more professional service for customer with win – win partnerships, and grow together with clients and

Business Activity

  1. Maintenance and Mechanical Engineering System :
    • Making of assemble parts/spare parts consist : Shaft and Roll, Heat exchanger / Condenser Screw Conveyor , Gear Box , Vessel / Tank from Steel and PVC, Ducting & Exhaust , etc.
    • Repair and Recondition : Motor, Transformer, Shaft and Roll, Gear Box, heat exchanger , Screw Conveyor , Re babbit Bearing , Hydraulic System (cylinder and Piston rod), etc .
    • Redrawing into 2D/3D according to technical standard drawing.
    • Reverse Engineering from existing part / products to develop or change the product.
    • Scale and Weighing System , Conveyor, Crane, Lift and other Handling Equipment.
    • Up grade Crane System.
    • Up grade PLC System.
    • Up grade Drive System.
  2. Mechanical & Electrical (ME) Systems :
    • Supply, Install and Commissioning Transformer Power, Transformer Distribusi (20KV to 150 KV)
    • Supply, Install and Commissioning Cubicle HV, MV, MCC & LV
    • Supply, Install and Commissioning Grounding System , Lightning & Lighting System
    • Retrofitting OCB to VCB switchgear 7.2 KV , 12KV, 20kV, 36kV
    • Design and Construction Power House Stations for HV , MV , & LV .
    • Supply , Install / Laying , Test & Commissioning Power Cable LV , MV , & HV (380V to 150 KV)
    • Termination and Testing Cable LV, MV , & HV ( 380V to 150 KV )
  3. Process Automation , Measurement and Control Instrumentations :
    • Supply, Install & Commissioning Measurement , Analytical Process Devices – ABB Products
    • Supply, Install & Commissioning Process Automation and Instrumentation related 
    • Supply, Install & Commissioning Control & Instrumentation using PLC, RTU, HMI/Scada & DCS
  4. Agency Trading :
    • Low Voltage Product, Process Automation – Measurement and Analytics Product ~ABB
    • Transformer Distribution & Power ~Schneider , Trafindo
    • Medium Voltage Panels ~ ABB , Schneider 
    • Power Cable ~Supreme, Kabelindo, etc.
    • Electric part ~Contactor , UPS , Stabilizer , etc.
    • Electrical spare part ~ABB , Siemens , etc.
    • Control Panels , and LVMDP , Inverter, Soft Starter, Brake Motor ~ ABB
    • Mechanical Instrument Part ~ Spare Part ~ Boge Compressor, Sipos, Actuator, etc

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